Chrysoulas Guesthouse used to be until 1985 the Old House, which belonged to Orsa Boura, the wife of Nikolaos Kokkinos a ship owner.
The Old House was a perfect example of popular architecture with ceramic tile roof tops and two traditional balconies with railing that was carved out of cast iron with balustrades along the edges, were placed on the east and south side of the building. The magnificent flowery yard with a garden just above the sea, made it a unique building in the Sporades.
Nikolaos Kokkinos loved his wife Orsa a lot therefore he had a maid for her from Konstantinople in order to look after her. There was also available for Orsa a boat dressed in red velvet, for her transportation to his ship that was anchored out in the open sea.
The couple of Orsa and Nikolaos Kokkinos never had any children.
Orsa died in 1919. The house was inherited by her brothers Periklis Bouras daughter, according to her last will and testament. The girl was named by her, as Orsa.
Orsa Boura Mitzelos, is the mother of Chrysoula Mitzelos that is the owner of the Guesthouse and has two daughters, Oriana and Orsa.